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Clean Break

Clean Break

The Law

The Court, whenever it is asked to consider the financial aspects following a divorce has to decide whether it is fair to grant a Clean Break.

A Clean Break severs the financial responsibilities you and your spouse may have towards one another enabling you to leave your past behind and to start afresh. It basically severs all financial ties so that you have the confidence your spouse cannot make a further final claim against you now or at anytime in the future.

When It Applies

A Clean Break commonly applies in divorce cases based on Two Year Separation with Consent or Five Year Separation but can apply whenever an agreement has been reached that neither one of you wishes to make a financial claim against the other.

When It Does Not Apply

If the circumstances of your case justify an ongoing commitment by one of you towards the other.

The Timetable

A Clean Break Order can only be applied for at Stage 4 of the divorce procedure following the pronouncement of the Decree Nisi.

The Cost

For a straight forward, hassle-free Clean Break Order that is approved by the Court:

Legal Fees£149.00
VAT *£29.80
Court Fees *£45.00

* subject to change

The Payment

On placing your order with us the entire fee will be payable.

The Payment Methods

Mastercard, Visa, Debit card

What If Advice Is Required

The online cost of a Clean Break Order is only applicable if you and your spouse have reached an agreement that neither wishes to seek any financial claim against the other.

If legal advice is required on whether the Clean Break is right for you, or if other financial contributions have to be taken into account then you will find more details on our website at


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